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Welcome to the Hacky Shack, SA's First Online Footbag Shop! We hope you enjoy your visit.

Have a look around and shout if we can help you in any way to choose your perfect footbag.
We at the Hacky Shack are footbag mad and strive to give you only the best of the best at insanely great prices. So get your sandy’s/dirt-bags, pellet filled, metal shot, bags of fury here, be it your first time trying this incredible game or if you are a seasoned veteran just looking to add some footbags to your collection. We currently sell  Bomb Footbags, World Footbags, Star Footbags, Afrisack’s, Hacky Pro Footbags and also some Jianzi's.

Keep your peepers open, we will soon have our own 100% PROUDLY SouthAfrican homegrown, handmade Footbags and Hand Sacks up for sale.
We are constantly updating our store, so check in regularly to see whats new!


Hacky Sack (Name trademarked by Wham-O) is both the name we generally use and the game of kicking (using any part of the body except your hands and forearms) a footbag from one person to another, with the aim to keep the footbag in the air. In short: kick the bag, hope everyone in the circle kicks the bag (called a hacky), if not, pick it up and try again. This is the ultimate time killer game.

Footbags’s being their small and versatile selves are easy to keep in your bag, in your car’s cubby, backpack, pocket, handbag or everywhere all at once. When you start getting better at playing, you can start freestyling, playing on your own and doing tricks.